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Give Your Home The Warmth Of Engineered Hardwood Flooring With Homes & Floors In Brentwood, UK

Wooden Floors make your home cosy and with a natural look. The only problem homeowners can find is that traditional Hardwood Flooring can be expensive and usually needs high maintenance. The solution? Engineered Flooring.

This type of floor has the same qualities as solid oak wood, only that it is constructed of layers of both Hardwood and plywood, being easier to install and more stable in contact with heat or humidity. If you are interested in getting it to give your home the beauty and warmth of Hardwood, Homes & Floors is your go-to Engineered Wood Flooring supplier in Brentwood, Essex.



About Our Engineered Flooring

As a Hardwood Flooring Store, Homes & Floors can assure that every product in our company is high quality and long-lasting. To dig in a little bit more about Engineered Oak Hardwood, here are some features that may be of interest to you before deciding.

  • Better resistance to moisture and temperature changes than conventional solid oak wood floors.
  • Wide range of styles, grades, and finishes for adapting to your lifestyle.
  • One of the most durable floorings with an estimated lifespan of 40 to 80 years.

Style Matters

Making decisions about the look of your home is always a big deal because it is something that you expect to last as long as possible. Therefore, take your time and choose the style of engineered flooring that best suits your home.

  1. Available in various types: Antique, Dark Oak, Light Oak, Natural Oak, and Walnut.
  2. Multiple finishes like matte, oiled, and high-gloss.
  3. Variety of surface effects such as hand scraping for a weathered look or wire brushed.

Regardless of the type of Hardwood you install in your home; you can be sure it will make an eye-catching statement with a durable surface.

Buy Smart, Get An Experienced Real Wood Flooring Supplier In Brentwood, UK

Let us be part of your home design, providing you with the best in quality and service. We offer you secure transactions, fast shipping, customer support before and after your sale, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee with your Hardwood Flooring purchase.

You are just one call away from getting the floor you always wanted for your dream home, and if you are still unsure which style to choose, we will be glad to assist you.