Flooring Material Options For A Stylish Home

If you are looking for flooring materials for a home to use in construction or remodelling, it is hard to decide which is the best. However, the decision will depend on how you want your home to look and pick the one that matches your house style. We want to help you to make the right decision, so keep reading to learn more. 

Engineered Hardwood Material

Engineered wood flooring is one of the types of flooring that are well known for its stable construction. It is created by layers of plywood or recycled wood fibre combined with stone dust. This combination makes this material more stable and less vulnerable to temperature changes and humidity than solid hardwood.

Ceramic Tile Materials

Another very popular type of flooring material is ceramic. Ceramic porcelain tiles for flooring are made from clay and shale that is hardened in a kiln. These titles come in various colours, sizes, shapes and textures. You can combine the different types to create a floor with beautiful patterns. There are four different types of ceramic tiles, porcelain, glazed, quarry and terracotta.

  • - Glazed tiles are similar to glass; there is an unlimited amount of colours and styles to pick from.
  • - Porcelain is often used for exteriors due to its tremendous durability. You can buy it glazed or unglazed. 
  • - Terracotta tiles have a more rustic look due to their unglazed finish. However, it needs to be sealed if you want to avoid staining.
  • - Quarry tiles are also unglazed ceramic; they are used with a reddish-brown colour that is more resistant than glazed tiles.

Bamboo Flooring Material

As its name says, Bamboo flooring is made of bamboo strands that are completely glued to form a solid strip or plank. Something cool about this material is that it may look like hardwood. Most people consider bamboo flooring exotic, beautiful and durable. Bamboo is also considered a sustainable material since it grows and regenerates fast. The cost is almost the same as real hardwood. 

Laminate Flooring Material

One of the top materials is laminate. This is for its durability and resistance to stain and fade. Something to highlight about it is that you can install it easily. Laminate flooring has a layer at the top that is protected by plastic. It is backed with layers of plywood or, sometimes, compressed high density fibres. It is a more economic version of engineered oak wood flooring.

Real Hardwood Material

Real Hardwood flooring is extremely beautiful and durable. The natural beauty of wood is the main character in this type of flooring; its textures and colours depend on the type of species used to construct it. 

An amazing feature about real hardwood material is that it can be refinished and polished from many times to increase its life since it is made of real wood. Real hardwood flooring is the best option for those who want to give that elegant and gorgeous touch to their house as well as a warmer ambience. 

Real Hardwood Supplier In London

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