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Homes & Floors: Your Real Wood Flooring Provider

Variety, efficiency, and security are three essential characteristics you must find when looking for a product or service, especially if it’s a hardwood flooring provider. Investing in flooring isn’t cheap. That’s why you have to expect nothing less than the best from any flooring provider, and Homes & Floors are up to the challenge. 

Homes & Floors LTD is the top flooring supply store in Buckinghamshire County, UK. We have years working with leading manufacturers and importers across the world. When you hire us, you’re not hiring English levels of service; you’re hiring a world-class service. Contact us to solve any questions you may have about us and our services. 


Flooring Variety

When you are looking for flooring for your service or your home itself, you want to see options, you want to see variety. Our flooring supply store in Buckinghamshire County makes that happen. Within our 100% real hardwood flooring products, we offer: 

  • Oak Golden Hand Scraped flooring
  • Oak UV Lacquered/Oiled
  • Different sizes of Oak Parquet Blocks Unfinished
  • Coffee Oak Handscraped
  • White and Grey Oaks and more!


Safe and security are common adjectives you will find in this article, but our company is about putting our clients’ needs first. That’s why besides offering scheduled pallet delivery service, we offer: 

  • Economic Delivery: From £65.00 (inc VAT) per pallet, you’ll be receiving your solid hardwood flooring in 2-3 business days. 
  • Same-day Delivery: For just £75.00 (inc VAT) per pallet, you’ll be receiving your solid hardwood flooring the next day after your purchase. 

Delivery across Europe is also available, you know, for the lads who own mansions across the continent. 

Warranties & Returns

Home & Floors has been the go-to company for many homeowners, floor fitters, property developers because of our secure service. For example, our solid hardwood flooring has a manufacturer warranty of 20 years; when you buy with us, your flooring investment is safe.  

Our flooring supply store in Buckinghamshire County offers our customers the possibility to return damaged and/or defective hardwood floorings. Refunds are also available. 

Don’t Hesitate Any Longer. Contact Homes & Floors!

Homes & Floors Ltd is committed to helping you make the best decision and make the most out of your investment. We’re ready to provide you with expertise and advise you if you need it. Contact us today to start working on the flooring project and make that house look outstanding.