How to blend wood floors at home

While people are becoming more creative in mixing different styles in their homes, many are still cautious to blend different wood tones in a room. Whether it's matching a dining table to an existing hardwood floor or attempting to mix various wood furniture pieces, blending different wood shades in a room can look wonderful. 


The only trick is to stick to a few simple rules 

Choose a Dominant Wood Tone

The first thing is to pick a dominant wood tone as a starting point on deciding what other items to bring into the area. If you have wood floors, that must be the prevailing wood tone. If you don’t, you could use the room’s largest furniture item, such as a dining table or dresser. Always start with your primary hue when choosing different wood tones to add to the space. 

To blend wood tones, matching the undertones is another helpful approach. Whether your dominant wood tone is warm, cool, or neutral, stick within the same colour family to produce a unified look. 

Add Contrast

The next step is to play with contrast to create visual interest and add depth to a design but remember that repeated colours give the area some continuity.

Don’t be afraid to include darker furniture and medium wood tones on a light wood floor. Start by asking yourself what kind of room you want. Do you want something traditional, or do you want something that reflects your style?


Once you have picked out your wood tones, it's time to think about the rugs. Using a rug can make a big difference, especially if your furniture and wood flooring are of the same tone.

In the same way, if the colours of your furniture and wood floors are significantly different, a rug can soften the contrast.

Add Continuity

Using similar wood textures or finishes in the same room is advised to establish continuity and achieve a unified effect. Consider a glossy finish for your side tables or chairs if your wood floor or dining table is glossy. 

Recurring wood tones in your room give it structure and continuity, making it look put together. Continue the theme through with accessories.


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