The Pros And Cons Of Real Hardwood Flooring

The Pros And Cons Of Real Hardwood Flooring

If you're looking for flooring that matches your budget and gives the finest look to your house, then wood is the best option for you. The warmth and natural beauty attract everyone almost immediately. So we start to dream about having a house with hardwood floors.

You can find various flooring materials that can match the wooden look you want for your flooring. However, real wood flooring gives a luxurious and elegant look while enhancing your home's overall ambience. In this article, we mention the pros and cons of real hardwood flooring to help you make the best choice.

A Durable Investment

Real hardwood flooring lasts for more than one hundred years if you provide it with the maintenance it needs. You'll probably see it as a huge investment at first. Still, as a result, you won't need to replace it every 10 or 20 years, as you would need to do with flooring from other materials. Another benefit is that the value of real hardwood flooring increases with time.


If you decide to go by the real hardwood flooring option, you will pick from many choices. The style that you select will strictly depend on your budget and the availability in the market. Not all the planks have the same shade and colour; this makes it more authentic and brings a beautiful look to your house. 

The types of real hardwood flooring available in the market include Brazilian cherry, Tigerwood, Australian Cypress, Brazilian Walnut, Hickory, Oak (Red and White), and Teak, to mention a few. 

High Quality

A great benefit of real hardwood flooring is that it requires refurbishing or re-sanding; this brings the wood to its initial state and keeps its finish. Real hardwood flooring is less vulnerable to damage, and it looks more real with time. 

Real hardwood has been used in houses for years, so you can be sure that you are investing your money in quality flooring that will last for years.  

Disadvantages Of Real Hardwood Flooring

  • It is not recommendable to drip real hardwood roofing with water; instead, you can clean it with a mop. 
  • The usage of detergents to clean the surface of the floor needs to be avoided at all times if you don't want your real hardwood flooring to be destroyed with time. 
  • Real hardwood flooring is not ideal for all the rooms in your house; it’s not recommended installing it in bathrooms and kitchens.

Professional Hardwood Flooring Company

If you are looking to give a chance to the look of your house, real hardwood flooring is the best option, elegant and beautiful. Homes and Floors in the UK provide hardwood flooring services with exceptional quality. You can get in touch with us to get an estimate; we will be more than happy to assist you.