The Top 3 Advantages Of Brushed And Oiled Wood Floors Finishes

Engineered wood is normally brushed and oiled and has the look of real solid wood boards but is more stable and durable. While absorption alone enhances the grain of solid wood veneer in a normal oil finish, the brushing procedure enhances this appearance. We put together 3 of the main advantages you can find in brushed and oiled finishes of wood floors.

#1. Keep Natural Features & Character

Before the oil finish is applied to brushed and oiled engineered flooring, it is wire brushed. This procedure removes any new growth and returns the surface to the older wood, keeping its natural features and character. This is a perfect option for anyone who appreciates the classic beauty of solid wood flooring but prefers a hardwood floor that is less prone to warping and shrinkage.

#2. Disguise Imperfections Caused By Wear and Tear

When a piece of wood is considered UV oiled, it has been treated to high-powered UV rays that fast cure the oil. This gives the wood a slightly smooth feel that might help to hide any wear and tear defects. When a floor is oiled, it is easier to restore when subjected to wear and strain. A UV oiled floor combines lacquered and oiled floor benefits while also providing additional UV protection.

#3. Easy Cleaning Properties 

The UV Oiled process for finishing engineered wood flooring uses the same finishing line as a lacquered floor, making it easier to clean. However, UV oiled finishes are, in fact, like a lacquer but with a much deeper mat finish and look. Normally three coats are applied, all cured by UV lights. 

Cleaning these floors is very easy and should be done the same way you would an oiled floor, with Natural Soap, a PH neutral cleaner, and a squeezy mop to ensure no excess water is left on the surface of the wood.

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