Ways To Install A Real Hardwood Flooring

Ways To Install A Real Hardwood Flooring

Suppose you have already chosen the type of floor you want. You have chosen real hardwood. Now, you need to install your new floor. But, what is the best way to install real hardwood flooring? In this article, we will show you the different methods to install your new real hardwood flooring. 

  • Nail Down- This method is often used with thin real wood flooring. Nails are used to fasten the wood to the subfloor. It is often used with thin wood flooring.
  • Staple Down- This way is simpler than the nail-down method. Staples are utilized instead of nails to keep the floor adhered to the subfloor.
  • Glue Down- Engineered wood floors can be glued down. The floor is attached to the subfloor with a strong adhesive.
  • Floating- This is the quickest way to install. With this method, hardwood flooring is not glued to any subfloor; it floats above it instead. The adhesive is applied to the boards, and the boards are created to keep them together. 

Multiple manufacturers have created this type of installation system that is easier for consumers, making them install their flooring on their own. 

Pre-Installation Conditions For Hardwood Flooring

Many people have been talking about large gaps opening up after a real hardwood flooring installation. This issue can be avoided by checking your site conditions and if they are suitable before preparing your real hardwood flooring. You must implement multiple tests in the room where you need to install the flooring. Completing these important tests can ensure to start the preparation to install your real hardwood flooring. If the tests you implemented fail, you can not start the installation process. 

  • - One of the tests you can implement is an air humidity test. Air humidity should be at least 45-65%. You can use a gyrometer to do the test. 
  • - You can also implement a moisture test on the sub-floor. The moisture content should be no more than 12%.
  • - You should also implement a moisture test on concrete sub-floors with no more than 12% moisture content.
  • - It is also very important to check the sub-floor level; you can use a long straight edge and a ruler. The level should not vary more than 3 mm in height over 1 m.

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