What Areas Natural Engineered Flooring Can Be Applied?

What Areas Natural Engineered Flooring Can Be Applied?

Engineered wood floors have advanced in beauty and performance since their introduction in the 1960s. They now account for 30% of all wood flooring sold in the United States. These high-tech boards now appear just right in any vintage house, whether it's a 1910 foursquare or a 1970s raised ranch, thanks to new surface effects like hand-scraped for a timeworn patina and new surface effects like hand-scraped for a timeworn patina. 

Areas Where To Install Engineered Flooring

  • Basements: The moisture that settles here causes serious damage to solid wood flooring. The inclination of wood to expand and contract in humid conditions is decreased since the veneer layers used in engineered boards crisscross like plywood. The boards' reduced profile also assists in tight spaces where headroom is limited.
  • Flat & Stable Surfaces: With various thickness options starting at 14 inches, you can create smooth transitions between different types of flooring at doors and stairways that would be difficult or impossible with traditional 34-inch solid flooring. Engineered flooring can be installed over any flat, solid surface, such as ceramic tile, sheet vinyl, or existing wood floors.
  • Radiant Heat: Thinner engineered boards transfer heat more effectively and are more stable than thick solid wood. Floating flooring is the greatest option because there are no staples or nails to puncture cables or hot-water tubes. Before utilizing a foam underlayment, which can obstruct heat flow, check with the radiant system's manufacturer.

Where Not to Use It

Even when engineered flooring is more resistant to moisture fluctuations than solid flooring, it still has drawbacks. A crowded bathroom's damp feet drips, and soggy towels, along with steam from a shower, but even the most solid constructed boards are at risk. Laundry rooms are under the same threat.

Why Engineered Flooring?

Most boards have a factory finish that will surpass a solid-wood finish placed in your home, and they'll be ready for use the day you lay them down. Engineered boards also solve problems by allowing you to utilize them in places where solid strips can't, such as basements or directly over concrete slabs. Even better, homeowners on a budget can lay the boards themselves, saving money on professional installation and getting beautiful results in a weekend.

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