What Is A Laminate Flooring And When To Choose One

What Is A Laminate Flooring And When To Choose One

Maybe you have heard before about Laminate flooring and how popular it has become these days. But why is it so popular? What is exactly laminate flooring? When should I use this type of material for my home? We have put together all the information you need to know to get the answer to these questions. Keep reading for more!

What Is Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is a flooring material that is constructed out of multiple layers sealed together during the lamination process. It has been created to be affordable and durable, laminate flooring is created out of four distinct components: 

  • First Layer: It is called wear layer, this layer resists the scratches of the day-to-day wear, it gives an easy-to-clean surface that maintains it away from fade and stain.
  • Second Layer: There is a second layer called decor layer which is a printed image that is similar to the natural look of wood, or stone.
  • Core Layer: The core layer gives the laminate its structure and makes it dent-resistant. Laminate flooring is more resistant to dents than real hardwood flooring.
  • Final Layer: This is the final layer which provides additional support to the material and stability.

When To Choose Laminate Flooring

  • - Laminate flooring is durable, which makes it a perfect option for high traffic areas, like living rooms. Use it if you are looking for a long-lasting option. 
  • - Today’s laminate floors are not just for specific rooms. The level of detail and its style makes it visually appealing. Due to its waterproof materials, and easy installation, it can be used in kitchens and bathrooms. You can also use laminate flooring in basements. Use it if you are looking for an easier option to install, also if you want to change the floor of areas with humidity.
  • - You can also use laminate flooring planks on interior walls. You need to make sure that your wall is completely clean and dry, vertical, and stable.

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