Why Are Finishes Highly Important For Wood Flooring

The kind of finish you select for your wood flooring is crucial. It can make a difference in how your floor looks and feels, whether it's natural, polished, or distressed. A wood flooring treatment can also change the texture of your floor's surface.

The surface of all timber flooring must be finished. This serves to protect the hardwood from harm while also adding to its strength. The majority of hardwood flooring comes pre-finished. This indicates that the finish was applied to the floor during the manufacturing process. Another option is to go with an unfinished floor. You will receive raw wood and will need to add a surface treatment once it is installed.

Available Finishes In The Market

  • Natural Oiled Flooring: The natural beauty of wood species has been appropriately safeguarded using layers of air-dried Matt oil over hardwood floors with an oiled finish. This preserves the wood's natural beauty and character. Once the installation is completed, this floor is ready to use.
  • UV Oiled Flooring: The oil is also treated with ultraviolet light for a UV oiled finish. As a result, more oil may be utilized, resulting in a more durable surface finish than natural oil. The wood's character, beauty, and grain pattern are preserved and can be utilized immediately after installation.
  • Brushed and Oiled Wood Flooring: When the surface of a hardwood floor has been lightly brushed, it is referred to as a brushed and oiled hardwood floor. This brings out the wood's natural beauty and charm without inflicting any harm. After that, a matt oil is applied to the flooring boards to protect them. Once the installation is completed, this floor is ready to use.
  • Lacquered Wood Flooring: A lacquered wooden floor can be obtained in either a matt or a satin matt finish. The lacquer gives the timber more strength and protection while preserving its original character and charm. Once the installation is completed, this floor is ready to use.

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