Wood Flooring Company In The UK

Homes and Floors collaborates with major manufacturers and importers worldwide to bring you high-quality products at affordable costs. We began as an importer of hundreds of thousands of real wood flooring to retail and trade industries. We've expanded our business to encompass the importation and distribution of tiles (porcelain, ceramic, and marble) as well as rugs.



What We Offer

We have a variety of quality products to help you with any flooring needs in The UK; some of our best sellers are: 

  • Engineered Flooring: Engineered flooring improves structural stability, compatibility with underfloor heating, and longevity while retaining solid wood's natural feel and warmth underfoot. We have a wide range of sizes, finishes, and colours to choose from, with hundreds of goods available.
  • Solid Flooring: Solid oak wood flooring comes in a variety of colours and finishes. This collection is ideal if you want a classic hardwood floor that will last a lifetime. Many times it may be sanded and refinished. 18mm solid floors are available at the greatest pricing on entire pallets at Homes and Floors.
  • Laminate Flooring: From bright white to dark oak and everything between, Homes and Floors carries 8mm to 12mm laminate floors in a range of colours. Only AC4 - AC6 heavy residential and commercial laminates are available. For people on a tight budget, landlords, or those with young families, cheap laminate flooring is an excellent alternative to real wood flooring.

These textured laminates manufactured in Europe and come with a DIY click fitting system are scratch proof, stain and water-resistant, incredibly durable, and good value for money.

  • Parquet Flooring: Herringbone and chevron are two popular patterns for parquet hardwood floors. Individual engineered oak or walnut blocks are laid in various configurations to produce a variety of finishes. Unfinished and prefinished planks in a variety of textures and colours are available from Homes and Floors.

A Company With The Best Flooring Materials In The UK

Home & Floors is a wood flooring company in the UK with a solid background in flooring materials. We have an extensive variety of flooring finishes, and as a natural wood flooring company, we provide the best hardwood floors in the UK that will make your house look fantastic.